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Corona Virus and YOUR wedding.


Once in a while a nightmare situation arises that puts all the other wedding day “problems” into perspective. What follows are a few ideas and thoughts from me, a wedding supplier for 35 years, a wedding fayre planner for 10 years and mixed in with all of that a project and change planner for a rather large corporation.

Everything below is a bit basic and a bit obvious but sometimes, a gentle reminder as partonising as it may seem, is quite useful.


Rule one.

This is not Eastenders, this is not facebook, this is real life and situations like this are never improved by slagging people off, surrounding yourself with drama queens or making rash decisions whilst watching TV. Calm down, get a notepad and pen and work out what you want to do.


Rule Two

Communicate calmly and clearly with everyone affected in order of importance, this order is...


Reception venue

Small business and sole trader SERVICE providers (Photographer, Florist, Cake Maker, DJ etc)

PRODUCT suppliers (Postboxes, table centres props etc)

Honeymoon etc


And do the “Big Ticket” items first.


Rule Three

Be reasonable and understanding.   Always remember that the person you are talking to is also talking to other customers, may be trying to keep a business afloat and in the case of hotels and other venues, is probably facing redundancy. Screaming and shouting will put you to the bottom of everyone’s “to deal with” list.


Rule Four

Accept this, it is no-ones fault.  Most people will want to help you, many venues will let you move the booking, many suppliers will be keen to offer you help BUT... There are only so many dates in 2020 and 2021 and everyone is in business to earn a living from those premium dates.

My wedding is going ahead.

  • Keep all your suppliers and venue informed, most suppliers will be unable to drop the price for fewer guests, the venue should be flexible on meal numbers though, to a degree.
  • ASK your suppliers, all of them, what plans they have if they fall ill just before the wedding. Ensure all of them have your phone number to keep you updated.
  • Accept that what you see as a mild risk, someone else sees as a huge risk and if they drop out it’s not personal. Just ask people to be honest and let you know as early as possible.
  • Simple precautions around Hygiene are perhaps the most important, it's not what you do, it's what you are SEEN to be doing, a small supply of tissues and hand sanitiser (if you can find some) will go a long way
  • Consider “uninviting” the most at risk elderly relatives with the promise of a family party in the months after the crisis.
  • Buffet - Ask guests to get the food for children, children love a buffet, they love sniffing, looking at and touching all the treats.
  • Consider reverting back to your parents times where the Bride and her Groom were usually the first to leave the reception, this cuts down on endless hugging and kissing and also gives you time to chill before settling in for the night.
  • Remember to thank people for coming and where possible and appropriate give feedback on the suppliers who have helped it happen.

My wedding is NOT going ahead as planned.

  • Tell your suppliers and venue as early as possible, most suppliers will be to unable to offer you a refund but may be willing to do something for a rescheduled date. Some venues have already said that they will offer a similar service on a date in Autumn 2020  Autumn and winter weddings are SO cool by the way..
  • IF a supplier is unable to service your wedding on the rescheduled date, ask if they have an arrangement with a similar supplier that may help you.
  • Paid by credit card? Good! There is an element of insurance when you pay by credit card, talk to your card provider but be really patient, they are so going to be busy.
  • Tell all the invitees as soon as possible and back up that email/text etc with a phone call. Uncle Dave is unlikely to thank you for his long drive from Cornwall when he arrives at a closed venue.
  • When you re-plan, try and use the suppliers you had booked for the original date. Many will be delighted to offer you a discount, most will be really glad of the booking and who knows, one or two may simply be able to honour the original booking, particularly if you’ve re-scheduled for an off peak date.

The Great Venues I work with..

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