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This is the harsh reality page - no pink fluffiness here! For positivity take a look at THIS PAGE

I like good, honest decent wedding suppliers who just want to create ONE special day...  Sadly, a few wedding suppliers don’t quite understand the importance of the wedding to the couple.

I really don’t like....

Unreliable suppliers.  The way I see it, if people will mess me about and let me down, they’ll also do the same with people planning a special event.

Bad payers - I have bills to pay, end of story. Of course I send out reminders and prefer a slightly late payment to no payment at all.

Dishonesty - Please don’t tell me fibs, if you are going to tell lies, at least be credible ...

Pressure sellers - you know the thing...’Book today and save 50 for one day only’ Please be fair and open with your pricing, it works!.


Nothing against these guys, the wedding business has lots of them, but it’s not for me.

Wedding Planners - good wedding planners with experience are brilliant, but you are in competition with me, sorry.

One Stop wedding shops. - “I’m a DJ/Photographer/Venue dresser/juggling florist.”  I’m sorry, but generally its one service per stand..

MLM and Party Plan - I do struggle with seeing where these fit in at my events. Talk to me, let’s see what we can do.

Complicated communications... I love email because it gives me an audit trail and prefer to use just that for business.

Some things that don’t work well at wedding fairs

Most of these are described as ‘Just being respectful to the other suppliers and the customers

Most of this is obvious... to me anyway. We don’t...

Children running around- sorry guys, it’s not a creche, it’s not a playground. They are bored, they distract, they pester for attention and samples. I know it’s hard but if you do bring one child (and who doesn’t love a baby in a pram) please keep them on your pitch.

Sit on the phone behind the table - put the phone away!  Stand up and make eye contact, you are not a street beggar this is not a car boot sale.

 tell Merv where we are not going to stand and who we won’t stand next to.But we can ask and if we do it befre the event, usually we can accommodate your requests.

Spread out into other peoples stands. I like you to fill the space you have booked and paid for with colour and interest but putting one of your pull up banners in someone elses space is not going to make you friends. Booking a 4ft table for Hair and Beauty and filling it with photography leaflets, isn’t fair and isn’t going to happen.

Badmouth other suppliers either at the fayre or out of it. Not even other wedding fayre planners.

Arrive late, and go home early

Dress untidily - especially if we are expecting to get bookings where we will be at the wedding.


This is MY baby and I am Passionate about it

In ten years we’ve changed wedding fayres, people like myself and Edward Lewis Weddings just want to create honest, fair and upbeat events for couples to meet professional suppliers, some people don’t like it and I’m sorry but, we are never going back to arguments, aggressive competition and rude suppliers talking down to couples.

Every bride to be I’ve ever spoken to just wants ONE special day with everyone getting on and delivering good value for a great service and I’m sorry if this isn’t you.

Everything on this page is here to protect my customers from scammers and chancers and keep my affairs and events simple, fun and honest.

In the 2020’s some people love to choose to be offended at my honesty, I accept that you are not my customer and usually I’m pleased about it

if you think I’m harsh - wait until you hack off a bride on her wedding day!




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