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The TEN great big fat lies that WILL spoil your wedding day.

We hear a lot about wedding scammers.

They Lie and cheat, change the rules, waste your wedding budget and deserve to be named and shamed!

I believe that 95% of wedding suppliers are decent, honest, people who will deliver you an amazing day for the price you agreed.

I also believe that 95% of wedding scammers don’t intend to be scammers at all, they just didn’t think it through.

I also believe that ALMOST HALF the problem is the fibs told by CUSTOMERS!

Scroll down the list - the ones in RED are customer fibs that frequently backfire...

#1 - As soon as you mention “wedding” the price goes up.

We hear this old chestnut all the time, most like-for-like services cost exactly the same for a wedding as they do for anything else, the fact is, people don’t want the same for a wedding as they do for Aunty Joan’s 70th Birthday. I can assure you a 5 tier birthday cake with handmade flowers and cake topper will cost the same as a 5 tier wedding cake. A “nice bunch of flowers” for mum will cost the same as a “nice bunch of flowers” for the bride, but it’s NOT what she wants. BE CLEAR from the start about what you want because, late additions are what drives the price up.

#2 - Always deal with a limited company. it’s safer.

Actually, sometimes the opposite is true. Most wedding suppliers are “work from home” businesses, why wouldn't they be? Most of the work is delivered away from the premises, theres no point in keeping a shop open 5 days a week to close on Saturday when you are out making deliveries and a sole trader has far more accountability than a company director. Deal with people you have met, you can work with and who's work you have seen. A big company will have better contacts, a small sole trader will be more flexible, both have strengths... and weaknesses.

#3 - Keep the price down by ordering the cheapest package, you can add on later.

Occasionally this is true, some suppliers are one wedding per weekend guys and will be delighted to add on services, - just as often though a wedding supplier is a small company with limited resources and may not be able to give you that extra time. Some suppliers will let you add a bit on here and there but usually when this happens the bride gets carried away and then pretty soon the brakes go on and the price goes up. The best plan is always to talk to your supplier, ask a few “what if’s”

#4 - I’ve been let down..

We see this all the time, a bride to be will be all over facebook shouting that a DJ or a photographer has let her down and most of us just know... She's either forgot to book someone, or she's booked the cheapest and not confirmed. Think about this, if you say that xxx mobile DJ has let you down and they haven’t, they’ll sue you. If they HAVE, you’ll be suing them and that means more money in the pot! Most suppliers see signs when we see those words, “here’s a desperate customer and that means no haggling”.


 #5 - Today only discounts

Book today and save 70%.  Sounds too good to be true?  Good because it is!   It’s not like a warehouse full of beds with new beds arriving tomorrow, this is a supplier with dates in a diary to fill and if those dates don’t fill today at 70% off, tomorrow he’ll take even less money. Ask yourself, if some service is genuinely always worth 500, what sort of person will do it for 150.   A Rubbish one.

#6 - It’s usually cheaper from China

Yes it is.   Theres also the import taxes you may get stung with, and you can’t send it back when it turns up looking like a badly made preschool art project but it is cheap... and tacky... and horrible.  There are some great bargains to be had but look, theres over a billion people in China, some will be good, some will be awful and you can’t tell which is which. Buying a dress from china is like placing a 75 bet on a wedding dress not being awful. If it is, you lose the bet and have to buy a better one anyway.

#7 - I’m on a budget and I’ve been quoted...

Every second post on facebook... “I’m on a budget” followed by some fantasy low price for a ton of wedding stuff. BEFORE you say “I’m on a budget” think... EVERYONE is on a budget, EVERYONE! But what you have just said is “My wedding is going to be cheap, don’t bother offering me your best service, I just want cheap”. I’ve never met a supplier yet who drops the price when someone says those words but I know lots who put the price up because... They don’t want to be associated with cheap weddings and they know that the budget bride is the most likely one to not pay the bill, argue over nothing and haggle AFTER the price has been agreed..  You have a budget, stick to it, but don’t tell the world what it is, just shop around!

#8 xxxxx is the best, that’s who I’m having.

How often do we see this? A bride has asked for advice on DJ’s, photographers, cakes and straight away someone else says that line. How do you know they are the best BEFORE the wedding?  Feedback from recent brides is so valuable, feedback from future brides - just hopeful guesswork. Meet the suppliers and YOU decide.

#9  - It’s just for 2 hours

This is one for the DJs and the singers, the Photographers and the Cars, we get asked to quote for 2 hours, an hour, even a ten minute run... Of course we need to be there all day, but it’s only ten minutes work. The problem is, some guys will take that as read and book other work in, and then on the day you won’t get what you need, only what you want. Bands turning up halfway through the meal, DJ’s carrying kit through the room full of guests, cars turning up too late for photographs and speeding off too early for them.


#10 - The imaginary experience.

I’ve been in the wedding industry for 35 years and I know one thing about all that experience, most of it is totally useless for a 2019 wedding, Everything changes every couple of years, my 32 years as a mobile DJ tells you one thing of use, I’m old! So imagine how annoying it is when I see wedding suppliers with 6 months experience suddenly claiming 20 years, why do they do that?  They do it because they think it will impress you that they are here to stay, but if thats an obvious lie, what else is?  Dig around a bit, see when the website was registered, look at the oldest photos on there and be prepared to ask “when and where was your first, last and most fun wedding?”

SO - If you take nothing away from this page of “Ramblings of an old man”, understand this No-one wants to work with liars and dreamers, learn to spot them, choose to deal with honest people earning a wage they can't live without, tell them what you want and let them shine. Stick to your budget, but don't go around telling people you're on one.

Have a wonderful wedding!




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