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So, you have a venue and you want to run your own wedding fayre, after all, a spring wedding fayre is a great way to fill those dates and an autumn wedding fayre is a great showcase, but you have the good sense to know that you have no idea how to do it.

I'll try and keep this short, I'm sure you're busy!

There are no guarantees with wedding fayres, none at all, people like me will come along, get you to do all the work, take a profit and no-one turns up.

I operate wedding fayres. Some are good, some are bad. All of them are well organised, friendly, popular with the target customers and fun, but there is only me and I can't be everywhere. With the planning of 150+ wedding fayres behind me, I have picked up a few tips.


Gathering suppliers, depending on your location, I can help with getting suppliers on board


Advertising the event

Not only will I tell you where to advertise the event, I'll do it for you, you will get maximum possible exposure for your hard earned cash. This is NOT going to be a “pay me 500 for page one on Google” it’s going to be labour intensive, stealth and guerrilla LEGAL advertising.

Getting data for “active brides”

Even before they turn up, you'll have emails for ladies looking for a wedding venue.

Getting the ladies there

This is harder than ever, there are too many wedding fayres, but I'll help you get your event so well known that the brides will WANT to come to it, I cannot do this on my own, much of it will be down to you, but at least you'll know how it works.


This is the easy bit of course, except, after the show you have three staff trying to work out if Em1lie_j0_l987@hotmail contains “i” “l” “1” “-” “_” “O” “0” and if that is the dot com, the dot co, or the !!

Using your own Kindle or iPad I'll gather the data remotely for you, input on your custom screen and send it to you immediately after the doors close

Or we can staff the door for you.


HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? My motto is “Business without bull” So forgive me if this is a bit “blunt”

My time, compared to the cost of repairing a bad reputation, is cheap, think about this, your staff are good at what they do, but planning an event isn’t it!  Your second washout wedding fayre will be the last one for 2 years that exhibitors will support. A well organised wedding fayre, even with poor bride numbers, reflects better on your venue than the noble attempt put together by the part time wedding planner between coffee breaks, or the receptionist between phone calls...

A well planned wedding fayre gives you 20-30 wedding suppliers out there saying what a great venue you have, as opposed to the same number using words like “pissup” and “brewery”

You should be charging exhibitors between 50 and 100 to stand and they should be keen to be there

I will charge you 200 plus mileage for any site visits, plus staff for the door at 70 per day, plus any costs, but only if you need them.



07973371769 - We'll chat and if possible we'll do coffee...

Or email me -


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