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Everything I do, I do for a reason.

I want brides to be to come to my events and feel safe from scammers and chancers, from unreliable people and from deluded idiots who think that running a wedding business is less important than picking the kids up from drama club.

My Brides to be deserve the best, they expect what they pay and plan for and I try to ensure they get it. You think I'm harsh... wait until you let down a bride on her wedding day!  Please, all I ask, all I EVER ask is

Say what you'll do, then do everything you said.

Treat me the way you want YOUR customers to treat you and we’ll have a good day.

Bridefayre events.

I really don't do long lists of terms and conditions.

Please read these.

  • YOU need to have the appropriate insurances and certifications, Cakers MUST be food hygiene certified 4 or 5 stars, all elctrical equipment to be safe and tested.
  • We DO NOT allow stand sharing - it never works, it always looks like a car boot sale
  • We do NOT allow raffles and draws on the day, it's not a working mans club.
  • We DO ALLOW and encourage core product sales, Tiaras, shoes etc and food products Cupcakes, favours etc.
  • Your pitch is your pitch, want more space? Happy to charge you for it, but often, if you are going to really make it work, I won’t.
  • Your stand must be ready to trade at doors open, if not, we will help you out to the car with it.
  • You will still be there at 15 minutes to doors closing, but we all know you'll be packing away by then.
  • Overpopulated stands are NOT ALLOWED, apart from musicians, 3 adults manning a stand is more than enough.

Money Stuff - we want to be fair, we want people to be fair with us.

Your commitments

  • All event spaces are secured with a non-refundable deposit. When these go overdue by 3 days they are cancelled and you will not stand. Future bookings will be paid in full at the time of booking
  • Unless specifically agreed, all payments will be made by the due date of the invoice and at least 1 month prior to the event- or I sell the space to someone else
  • Invoices that go unpaid are cancelled after the 2nd reminder and deposits are not refunded, talk to me or lose money, it’s that simple.Cancellations after 31 days still require full payment even if the invoice is still unpaid..
  • Cancellations within 31 days of the event and no-shows are charged in full.
  • I have now heard every heart wrenching, soul splitting tear inducing, dead kitten, car crash, sick mother, spam folder excuse there is, thanks, but we have bills to pay, please read again the last two lines. Phoning me on a Wednesday 5 days before a wedding fayre that you’ve still not paid for and crashing out of it, is a fast track to my banned list. Spinning lots of fibs about why you haven’t paid is a fast track to everyone’s banned list, yes, we talk to each other.
  • Occasionally, after you’ve paid up front for a fayre, a booking comes in, it happens. Having been in the wedding industry for 40 years I KNOW it happens. As soon as you need to crash out, tell me and as long as I can fill your spot, or theres a month notice, we’ll move it to another fayre or sometimes,  we’ll agree a partial refund.

Our Mistakes - we do make them!

  • If we cancel a fayre and you have paid. We refund you in full or, you can stand at the next one available for free... this even applies if we cancel a 15 show and you want to jump in on a 120 show.
  • If we have a fayre cancel on the day We refund you in full and offer you 20 off any future ones we can get you in to or, you can stand at the next one for free... and then get the 20 off, this even applies if we cancel a 15 show and you want to jump in on a 120 show.
  • We do operate a strict 20% maximum for any trade rule. If you turn up and this is not the case, we'll refund you 20% of your fee, and I'll round it up to the nearest 5
  • Occasionally payments slip through unnoticed via bacs, If I pester you and you’ve paid, sorry but usually people haven’t Just humour me and tell me when you paid.

We do try.

  • To offer a drink - power where we can - a table (no cloth) - (you do need a cloth)(bring a cloth) - good lighting and a fun happy environment to sell yourself to the lovely brides to be.
  • To provide a light lunch  when the host venue allow- this is a nice way of saying you'll get a sandwich and a bag of crisps

The way we work...

Tables are back to the wall and we engage the customers out front. Noisy video presentations are turned down for everyon’s comfort and we don’t turn up with children or lots of helpers.

We network with the competitors because they become our contingency

We want a unique showcase for quality suppliers with skill and personality, we want to have a good time showing our clients what a great service we can offer for the special day. If you prefer to turn up late, sit behind a table looking miserable whilst posting "bored" on facebook and whine about another supplier. Please go somewhere else.


The last one

Thank you for choosing us... what can we do better?




Thanks to the behaviour of suppliers in the past, common sense and GDPR suppliers do NOT get the door data. We register our brides electronically .

Our data is shared ...with no-one



Read this!




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