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A few words about Bridefayre.

“We” Started this way back and after a year it became “my” business, none of us fell out but different family and business pressures meant that I was able to do it.

A Bit about “me” is over there >

I have a several simple rules for my business


“Say what you'll do, do what you said”



“Friends are friends who understand that you can't always give them preferential treatment”



“No liars, no cheats, no chancers. No vague offers.


I make a mistake, I correct it. I expect the same of my customers.


A few words about Me. Merv Sheldon

Born at a very young age in 1960 (yes I really AM that old) Brought up in a suburb of Derby, just 2 miles from where I’ve lived since 1986.

My career was with the Royal Mail Group 1976 - 2011 and during most of that time I was also involved with weddings and parties as a mobile DJ Much of my career was that of a project planner in change management.

Left in 2011 and went to an online order business, part time and set up Bridefayre with the rest of my time

Met my wife in 1985, married her in 1987. Became widowed in June 2020.

I love my dogs (always rescues), weddings, traveling and my friends, many of whom were or still are customers.


The people I work with - they don’t work for me, I work for them!

Claire is often found on the door, She’s trained me but I still cant do what she does as well as she does it, Married 10 years but full of great advice about modern weddings.

Trevor is usually found moving furniture around and making hot drinks for the guests, a dapper gent of little conversation but of great knowledge. Married for longer than he will admit.

John - A photographer by trade, he turns up early, moves stuff around, chats to brides and then without being asked, loads the truck! Engaged, his wedding deferred twice due to covid.

Customer Relations - That was Jenny my wife, A role that is unlikely to be filled. Rubbish at lifting furniture, terrible


Bridefayre in the community

Every year we have a “pet” charity and also some side projects. It's important to me that we do more good than harm in our time.

Recent Charities have been.

Me and Dee - dealing with creating happy memories for tragically short lives

Doorways Derby - A street kitchen and foodbank

Shoe Aid - Now defunct

“Sheets for Scrubs” a very Covid activity in 2020

Aquabox - providing towels to be used as packing for water filtration boxes in the third world.





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