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Bridefayre - What we do.

This is the cuddly fluffy pink perfect world page where I tell you, the professional supplier, what we, though mainly I, can do for you.

There's another page with all the nasty stuff on...


What you get for your money.

Most stands include a 6ft table in a 9ft space. This means theres space at the side for one of those pop up banners, but no space for you to get behind the table. Most tables are back to the wall anyway, we prefer our suppliers out front to meet the customers at eye contact level, because it works.

Upon telling me you want to stand, I get you to fill in a booking form and I email you an invoice, sometimes this might be for a deposit. You can pay this online by card, paypal or bank transfer, or send me a cheque.

I email you joining instructions about 4 days before the event and sometimes I can even tell you where your stand will be.

On the day I like to give you a clear 90 minutes setting up time, usually your table will be marked for you and you won’t be next to someone doing the same as you.

I can't promise electricity, but we nearly always get it to everyone.

I can't promise hot drinks, but when we can, we do and often they are free, I always have bottled water and cold drinks available, same price.

We usually include a cob for lunch, a bag of crisps, some cookies, it’s not high cuisine but it saves you messing with it  Genuine special diets contact me, fashionable freak eaters - bring your own!

You get to network with some of the best guys in the wedding industry and seriously, you can’t put a value on this. I only have good guys at my fayres.

You'll be asked to jump on the social media posts that I pay a small fortune for, this is great for SEO and, since 2016 I have had many reports of suppliers taking bookings from this before the wedding fayre.


Advertising and bride numbers

We all advertise the fayre together and occasionally, the most prolific sharers and advertisers get offered a free place later in the year.

I do the magazine adverts, the facebook, twitter and about 10 online websites

I put banners out when I can.


How many brides come out?

I don’t know, no one does but, if pushed I would say all my wedding fayres are 40-50 bride wedding fayres.

It IS a low number.  That’s because it’s based on truth.

There are fayres out there happy to boast 300 brides at every event, some even more, way more but ask yourself this.

Can you have, in 4 hours, a meaningful conversation with 200 interested brides? How many of those walk away whilst you deal with one timewaster?

This brings me nicely to:-

The environment

We treat brides with respect, we create a pleasant place where they can browse and shop.

Often we offer them tea and coffee and a place to sit, sometimes cake too.

We offer discounted places to entertainers and we don’t allow pushy sales tactics. Our lovely brides stay longer with us because we actually care about them not getting ripped off.

We have good days, we have bad days, we have fair competition.

A good day is 50 brides plus, best so far ? 240, worst? 12!.

When we have a bad day of less than 30 brides, everyone who has shared the posts 10 times a day over the 5 days and helped promote the event will pay no more than 2 a bride, I’ll credit you against a future event

There will never be more than 20% of any one type of service at any wedding fayre and no, I don’t charge more for Photographers or photo booths and I don't have favourites, it's 1st come, 1st served.

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My top tips for getting the most out of your investment




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